Rant: It’s Everyday Bro by Jake Paul & Team 10- Character as a Content Creator


Just stop with the worst rapping that I have ever seen in my life.

When you are hitting the Disney Channel flow, you are making parents of your fans concerned about watching your show and your channel(s) in the future. You are bragging about your wealth and popularity like it is going to get you all of the girls, but in reality, most of your fans can’t even afford your merch or even see your show on Disney Channel while you are going to the NBA Finals Game 1 in your private jet that could cost more than your fans’ education.

Also, dissing your ex-girlfriend and former Team 10 member (Alissa Violet) and the people that made you famous including MagCon/DigiFest creators and your own brother (Logan Paul); that makes you a pathetic person on the platform.

I know a lot of YouTubers that should be in your place, and you are using that as a way to diss people and to make yourself very unattractive to a lot your fans and the internet in general. (I have standards when it comes to what I post on social media.)

Please understand that I am a sixteen (almost seventeen) year old African American girl from Idaho that is still in high school and that is on the same platform as you (with less explicit language), and remember where you came from (to bring you down back to earth). You are promoting frat-boy culture to your young audience  (which is extremely damaging to them) and the idea of appropriating black culture in your music.

Please refocus on your channel on what you originally started before Team 10 before you make our ENTIRE generation look bad and idiotic because of your reckless, ignorant ”pranks” that you use for views.

PS. Please get your education finished before you release another song like that, because England is not a city.

-Anna “Oswin” Everett



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2 thoughts on “Rant: It’s Everyday Bro by Jake Paul & Team 10- Character as a Content Creator

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