About Me

My name is Anna “Oswin” Everett. I am a screenwriter, flimmaker, cosplayer, and a professional fangirl.

Growing up watching sci-fi/fantasy television shows and movies like Star Trek: The Next Generation and Alien, I am became an avid lover of anything geek culture.

As I got older, I got very interested in being part of several different fandoms and learning about the behind the scenes process of my favorite television shows and movies. Learning the writing process of the entertainment industry’s best, which made me look at the industry that I adore and admire from afar in a different light than before.

Then, I started looking the trailers and previews for TV shows and movies that the general public was looking for to in a more negative light. Weak plot-lines, cheesy dialogue, and horrible special effects that made feel like that I was watching cheesy horror movie from the 1980s instead of a summer blockbuster film.

If I even tried to find a honest movie reviewer, I see them take the movie/show’s theme to make it political (which isn’t at all.) or it is extremely biased with opinions on the matter that doesn’t seem correct at all.

So, that is how Professional Fangirl was born.

I know what you are thinking.

Why me?

I look at television shows and movies from the fandom’s perspective instead of the entertainment industry’s, and I give my honest opinion if it is worth your time seeing it in theaters or on TV.

Plus, there is a lot of fun things down the road that I have got planned like a movie club (that puts you as the reviewer instead of me.)

Thank you for being the most supportive people that I have ever met in my life.

Your Professional Fangirl,

Anna Everett