Rant: Quantity Over Quality/ Teen Choice Awards 2017

So the Teen Choice Awards are finally over, but there is still some controversy from fans of specific fandoms about their specific nominee(s) not winning their award(s). Also, some are saying the voting systems are rigged due to the final vote comes to the producers’ choice.

I am not saying that I believe what they are saying, but there is some truth to that rumor.

For example, Riverdale (which is a TV show that I will never cover on this blog due to not being decently made show and I consider it a teen drama) won almost all the awards that they were nominated for.

If it is true that the Teen Choice Awards is actually doing this, this is wrong at so many levels when it comes to viewership for fandoms of these nominees.

Speaking of Riverdale, I want to discuss one of my favorite topics I like to talk about with my friends.

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Rant: It’s Everyday Bro by Jake Paul & Team 10- Character as a Content Creator


Just stop with the worst rapping that I have ever seen in my life.

When you are hitting the Disney Channel flow, you are making parents of your fans concerned about watching your show and your channel(s) in the future. You are bragging about your wealth and popularity like it is going to get you all of the girls, but in reality, most of your fans can’t even afford your merch or even see your show on Disney Channel while you are going to the NBA Finals Game 1 in your private jet that could cost more than your fans’ education.

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